How to Sell My House Without a Realtor in Louisville KY

sell my house without a realtor Louisville KY

The Louisville real estate market has been taking off over the past decade. If you own a piece of property in this city, there is a good chance that you can sell it for a profit. However, selling a house in Louisville does come with a cost.

How much do you think you will have to pay your realtor in Louisville? Let’s look at an example.

The average Commission percentage that sellers are required to pay a realtor is 6% of the total sales price of the house. From here, we will need to figure out what houses are selling for nowadays. Currently, the average sale price of a home in Louisville is $207,571. Next, it’s time to crunch the numbers.

  • $207,571 x 6% = $16,234

By selling your house in Louisville with a realtor, you are required to pay on average over $16,000 for their services. What if you did not have to pay that amount and could save that money? $16,000 is a lot of money! What would you do with that money if you had it?

In this comprehensive guide, we will review how to sell your house without a realtor in Louisville, Kentucky.

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Why sell a house without a real estate agent?

sell house without realtor Louisville, Kentucky

Obviously, there are plenty of benefits that come with selling your house through a real estate agent. However, with the increase in technology within the real estate industry, things are much easier and simpler than they used to be.

Today, homeowners can sell their houses in Louisville with ease by themselves. What are the true benefits of selling a house without a realtor?

1.)   Save Money

The first thing is first – saving money is important. As mentioned before, you can save almost $17,000 when selling a house in Louisville without a realtor. There are so many things that you can do as a homeowner with that kind of cash.

Are you planning on buying a new house after selling this current one? Imagine the possibilities of what you can do in your new house with this money! Selling a house by owner in Louisville is easier now than it has ever been before. When working with Cash Offer Kentucky, we will buy your house directly from you. There is no middleman involved. The process is almost always quicker and more affordable for you.

2.)   In Control

Being in control of the process of selling your home is incredibly useful. What if you hire a real estate agent that doesn’t know what they are doing? You are at the mercy of their skills. If they don’t possess any, you could be in it for the long haul.

Unfortunately, we have worked with many homeowners in Louisville that have encountered this situation. They are left with a sour taste in their mouths from having such a bad experience with a realtor. That is why we make it our goal to ensure that the process is simple and smooth. Selling your house without a realtor should not be difficult. more and more homeowners are using this selling strategy today.

3.)   On Your Own Schedule

Of course, working around your own schedule is very convenient. Sometimes, if you sell your house with a realtor, you are required to do certain things around a certain time frame. That is not the case when working with us.

We can close on your timeline and schedule while working around any deadlines that you have. If you need to still live in the property after selling it to us, we can even work that out for you. Whatever your goals are and your schedule is, we can help you out with your house. Choose the easy and consider word correctly with a home buyer based in Louisville like Cash Offer Kentucky.

Contact a Louisville Home Buyer

sell my house without a realtor

Now, how does someone find a Louisville home buyer that they can trust? To start, begin with a quick Google search. This allows you to see the full bio of a company as well as their public reviews.

Make sure to look at the company’s reviews, and decide who is the best fit for you to work with. Our company prides ourselves and being the highest offer many times. Along with that, we have helped countless Louisville homeowners with a variety of real estate issues that they were dealing with.

We buy houses in Louisville for cash. And the professionalism that we think the table is unprecedented compared to the rest.

Come Up With a Selling Strategy

Once you decide on a home buyer in Louisville to work with, you must figure out how you want to sell your house. Typically, our company offered homeowners of selling their house as is. This means that they are not required to fix anything up in the property before we buy it. How much easier can it get?

This is the primary selling strategy that we recommend. It saves you money upfront because you don’t have to renovate your home. Additionally, it will save you weeks if not months of time.

Close the Deal

selling my house without a realtor Kentucky

Finally, the last step of selling your house without a realtor in Louisville is to close the deal. This is the most exciting part. Again, when working with a company like Cash Offer Kentucky, you get to select your own closing date based on your own schedule.

When we buy houses in Louisville, our company can provide Final numbers to the seller so that they know how much money they are going to make from the sale. fortunately, there are no realtor fees working directly with a house-buying company like us. You get to save money while selling your housing we build the most affordable way possible.

Not only do you save a large chunk of cash, but you also save tons of time. The quickest that we have bought a house in Louisville is 2 weeks. Of course, we will work with you directly to ensure that the closing date falls within the timeframe that you need.

By following these steps, you can keep more money in your pocket when it comes to your property. If you have thought that I need to sell my house without a realtor in Louisville, consider these actionable tips. It is much easier than you think.

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